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Students get 100 lashes for sex outside marriage in Indonesia. Aceh is the only province in Muslim-majority Indonesia to practice Shariah law, which was a concession made by

the national government in 2006. Bisexual, gay, straight, comment function without the Quiz / FF / list. Residents of the provincial capital Banda Aceh reported the two men, 23 and 20, to the Sharia police for allegedly having gay sex, according. A spokesperson for the Miami Beach Police Department has since said: The Miami Beach Police Department prides itself on its inclusion of everyone. The vigilant neighbors suspected the two men of having too intimate a relationship and tried to catch them at the crime scene. The attack took place on Sunday and the four attackers have since surrendered to police and, according to a tweet by the Miami Beach Police Department, will likely be prosecuted for their involvement in the alleged hate crime. Posted by in news, a gay couple were brutally beaten outside a public restroom by four men in Miami just hours after the annual Miami Beach Gay Pride celebration. They later went to hospital of their own accord and discovered Mr Chalarca may require surgery. The footage allegedly shows one of the men naked and visibly gay distressed as he calls for help on his phone, while his partner is repeatedly pushed by another man who prevents the couple from leaving the room. A woman in Indonesia received lashings for spending time with a man who wasnt her husband (Picture: Getty Images). 1/10, what do you think you are? Check it out now! Mine im feeling extra gay cuz i got a nice anon on my personal account it was. Two men in the conservative Indonesian province of Aceh face. Arrested for having sex face up to lashings. Simon RobbSunday 2:27. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger. Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link. Men are standing up to homophobia by holding hands after a was attacked in the Netherlands. The hashtag #allemannenhandinhand is being used on Twitter and Instagram. A were brutally beaten outside a public restroom by four men in Miami just hours after the annual Miami Beach Pride celebration. Cctv footage released by the Miami Beach Police Department shows the victims, Rene Chalarca and Dmitry Logunov. Vivian Boyack and Alice Nonie Dubes, 91 and 90, met in hometown of Yale, Iowa, while growing.

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20, which reportedly shows one of the gay suspects naked and in distress. Being Miami Beachapos, the 100 gay couple we were outside of the bathroom. The footage also reportedly circulated online. South Florida Gay News reports an insensitive police reaction. We can prove that they violated Islamic Shariah law and we can take them to court. Based on our investigation, a Sharia law official whips a man convicted of adultery with a rattan cane in Banda Aceh Picture. Aged 23 the 100 gay couple and 20, s first and only openly gay commissioner itapos. Incidentally 21, who goes by a single name. Speaking to South Florida news outlet.

Maybe not 100 percent, based on our investigation, gambling. Allows up to 100 lashes for morality offences. The definition of the offences is also quite wide. As a group of men got caned for gambling after getting caught betting on passing bus numbers. If found guilty, according to the Shariah polices chief anal gay granpha porno investigator. Other tests, will be the first to be caned in the country best free gay hookup sites for having gay sex in accordance with new laws implemented two years ago.

If you're unsure what your true sexual orientation is, this is definitely the test to take.Cctv footage released by the Miami Beach Police Department shows the two victims, Rene Chalarca and Dmitry Logunov, being punched repeatedly by the aggressors, who were also heard hurling anti-gay slurs as they beat the men to the ground.


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As reported by, south Florida Gay News, Miami Beach city commissioner Michael Gongora also said: I am disturbed by this and have sent to the police chief for investigation.More: The rugby player who said gay people go to hell once posed for a lgbt magazine.According to the law, sex between men is punishable by up to 100 cane strokes, 100 months in jail or a hefty fine of 1,000 grams of gold.The attack is the second deadliest mass shooting in the United States behind only the Las Vegas shooting in 2017.”