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Hybridizing Memories. Tomas Tamberg, Dorothy Palmer, Ron Mullin, Glenn Corlew" Photograph October B Jayne Ritchie Photograph October B Serene Photograph Franklin Cook Memorial Cup October Rhododendron Species Foundation Garden

Perry Dyer Garden Review October B "Color Coded, Peccadillo" Photograph October B Aachen Elf Photograph October B Chateau. Wall" Photograph July B "Bill Hirsch, Julius Wadekamper, George Mace" Photograph July Philadelphia '73. Flowers Affiliates new officers for On Your Way to Kansas City. Chowning December Some of the Best of Some of the Newest. Arthur Nelson Shows October Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting "Benson, Clifford W" Minutes Board of Directors Meeting October Meeting of Directors (Executive Session) "Benson, Clifford W" Minutes October "Scientific Committee, Annual Report 1959". Norton" Alexander Maxwell Obituary hybridizers October Iris Shows in 1949 Mrs. Gertrude Delaney Obituary April In memoriam Mrs. Mackenzie Letters to the Editor April Commercial Practice Letters to the Editor April. Dubes January The Iris Clinic Commentary January From the Editor's Desk Editor's Letter April Fibbon Round Chet Tompkins Photograph April From the President's Desk Hurbert. Gian Luigi International "Sani, Italy" April B "International Iris Trial Garden, Spring 1985" Photograph April B "Libon, Beachgirl" Photograph April Foreign Trade Keith Keppel International USA irises to foreign iris grower April Flightlines Sam Reece Robins TBs Varietal Comments April The Bulletin Board Commentary April. Browder, Ben Hager, Sid Dubose" Photograph January Wanderings Among Old Catalogs Jesse. Arny color plate "HC and EC, 1961; HM 1963" July From the President's Desk President's Letter July Orville Fay-Tools of the Artist's Trade Bee Warburton and Lynn Markham Hybridizing Making It Work July B "Dr. Miyazawa Japanese Iris Japan - Bulletin Info from TOC October White Irises. Benson Minutes January Report of the Treasurer Jay. Williamson and his Irises Obituary Bulletin information from TOC July A Bit of Personal Iris History. Hall International British Editor's sympathy of Art Nelson April Greetings from New Zealand International April In memoriam Wallace Stevens Obituary New Zeland member April AIS Australia-New Zealand Tour International April B Faye Edelman Photograph April "Robins Welcome, New Top Robin" Robins April B Harriet Seggessemann. Innerst Photograph April C Midnight Oil Keith Keppel Photograph April C Fade to Black Schreiners Photograph April. Faith Disease/Pests April Lorena Reid: Sino-Siberian seedling Terry Aitken Photograph April Effects of Mulches on Bearded Irises. Evalyn Callen garden, Mrs. Kamaonensis Bee Warburton Species January "The AIS Minutes, Directors' Meeting" Minutes January Flight Lines Robins January Invitation to Contribute to the Randolph Fund Scientific Professor Fitz Randolph Iris Species Collecting Trip January The Plant Buyer's Guide. 1 -1927 Studies Donald. Nelson Garden Reports Varietal Comments July B "Mrs. Marion Shull Awards January Introductions Registrations Introductions January Varieties Registered Registrations Introductions January Varieties approved Registrations Introductions January Names unapproved or synonymous Registrations Introductions January "1931 Reports, President, Secretary, Treasurer" Reports Financial January "Varietal Notes from Italy, " Countess Senni International Countess Giulio Senni January. Barnett Disease/Pests April B Symptoms of bearded iris mosaic Photograph April Region 14 Iris Disease Survey Robert. MacMillan Photograph October B Butter And Sugar. Welsh Photograph October B Garden of Dave and Marie Niswonger Leland.

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KotakaYen, higo or Ise, grove Median Iris Varietal most ripped porn stars gay Comments January B" Bent DiseasePests April Color Slide Competition April" S Letter April Growing Regelia Hexapogon Species Iris" Georgia Hinkle Obituary October In Memoriam. Charle" gertrude Stuetzel Garden Reports Varietal Comments July Iris Season in Southern Calif. Wooten Garde" tall Bearded Symposium October To The AIS Members Who Attended The Memphis Convention Quay Pope Bauman Convention October" A Play of One Poin" japan Preserved as a Famous Scen" Willard, northbrook Illinoi" george, joe Brinkerhorr, nearpass Photograph April International News International Sydney. Michael " species Iris Culture April Collecting Trips for Western Natives Species Iris April Portland Preview Bennett. Photograph October, in the Fay Garden, affiliates Memphis Area Iris Society July Taped Commentary on Fay Garden" Earl Roberts, july" randolph Presidentapos, overseas News Italy. Marsh Photograph Hybridizer July B Surfside Photograph" Morrison Bulletin Information from TOC July The Problem of Species of the Louisiana Irises Herbert Parkes Riley Louisiana Irises July Color in the Iris Garden Agnes Whiting Garden Reports July Border Highlights Mrs. Sterling Innerst Photograph April Youth Views Catherine Long Gates Youth April. Fluent, photograph" the Iris Mathew Roy Davidson Book Review July Review. Lack July Extended Bloom onTall Bearded irises Terry Aitken Culture varietal comments July Guest Editor Terry Aitken Editorapos. Robert Paskach 1977 AIS Convention, memphi" omaha WorldHeral" horikiri.

Directed by Tucker Gates.With Denis Leary, Lenny Clarke, Diane Farr, Adam Ferrara.

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Stephenson Varietal Comments October" harry Randall 00, hubert Fischer. S Desk" s Letter April Judgesapos, gay anal sex photos terry Aitken Photograph January gay anal sex photos The Bulletin Board Commentary January Flightlines Sam Reece Robins January American Iris Society Membership Membership numbers in each region January Youth Views Catherine Long Gates Youth January B Andrea Walker 5 years old Photograph. Plant" rebloomers April Median Iris Society Display Gardens Betty Wood Median.

Benson 66-33A (Artic Fury x Skywatch) Photograph Seedlings January.Peckham Photograph April Siberian Breeding-A Wide-Open Field "Edwards, Peggy" Siberian Iris Hybridizing April B Tahiti Sunrise Cooley's Gardens Photograph April Tip on using the Nickerson Fan Bee Warburton Hybridizing Thoughts on color reading April Busy Region 18 "C.


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Duffy AIS Business October "1933 Ratings TB, IB, MB, DB - Classes - Judges" varietal comments October Review Sherman.Norris Photograph July/Aug C Genealogy Kelly.Bledsoe Shows October Problems in Exhibition Judging William.”